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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: After Shock Valley of the Dinosaurs
"After Shock"

TV episode
Written by: Unknown
Directed by: Charles A. Nichols


An earthquake strikes the valley, bringing unforeseen consequences.


Didja Know?


The writers of each TV episode are not specifically revealed, but the end credits of every episode listed the series writers as: Peter Dixon, Peter Germano, James Henderson, Ernie Kahn, Ben Masselink, Dick Robbins, Henry Sharp, and Jerry Thomas.


There was also a later episode of Land of the Lost titled "After-Shock".


Didja Notice?


The large, flightless bird at the beginning of the episode remains unidentified. It looks different than the terror-bird referred to as tandor by Gorok in "The Volcano". A bird of the same species is seen later in "Rain of Meteors".


At the beginning of the episode, we see that John has constructed a barometer in front of the cave. Barometers are used for measuring atmospheric pressure and can help forecast changes in the weather.


Katie speaks of her Aunt Mary. We're not told if this is a relative by blood, marriage, or just a close family friend.


Tana refers to the giant stone head that keeps the giant cork in place by the swimming hole as the Keeper of the Waters.


The cave dwellers refer to a Dimetrodon as a finback.


After Lok grabs her and swings on a vine with her through the trees, Katie remarks excitedly, "You Tarzan, me Jane." She is referring, of course, to the world-famous character of Tarzan created by Edgar Rice Burroughs in 1912, a British boy who was lost in the African jungle and raised by apes; he was known to swing through the jungle trees on vines. After growing up and encountering civilization, he went on to marry the beautiful Jane Porter.


At 7:38 on the DVD, a wooden scaffold is suddenly present at the quarry site that wasn't seen there before. Was this scene taken from later in the episode and redubbed with dialog to fill in missing information? Was the structure supposed to be there all along, left behind by whoever carved the second stone head? The story implies the head was carved long ago, before the tribe's memory, so surely a scaffold that old would have fallen apart by now.


At 8:57 on the DVD, Tana's mouth disappears from her face completely!

Tana with no mouth


An unidentified reptilian appears at 13:21 on the DVD to get a drink of water at the hole. 


In this episode, the Butlers build a wagon very similar to the one built by the Marshalls in Land of the Lost, first seen in the episode "Dopey".
Butler wagon Marshall shopping cart
Butler wagon Marshall "shopping cart"


At 14:19 on the DVD, Greg, Katie, and Tana are shown no longer helping to push the wagon as they try to outrace the Dimetrodon. But at 14:30, they are suddenly helping to push it again.


To cover their scents from the Dimetrodon, the cave dwellers tell the Butlers to rub the leaves of the cora plant on themselves. Greg remarks that it smells like stinkweed.


At 16:36 on the DVD, a pair of what may be Compsognathus come to the watering hole to drink.


The birds seen flying at 17:50 on the DVD look and sound pretty much like common geese, although their beaks appear a bit longer.


The Dimetrodon is trapped behind the fallen rubble of a canyon near the end of the episode, just as happens to the Dimetrodon-like Torchy in the later-produced Land of the Lost episode "Cornered".


Kim remarks that the aftershock near the end of the episode felt as powerful as the San Francisco quake. She is referring to the huge quake that struck the city in 1906, destroying over 80% of it. If the so-called aftershock was actually bigger than the quake that preceded it, it is considered the main shock, and the earlier one a foreshock.


Memorable Dialog 


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