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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Escape from Danger "Escape from Danger"
Give-A-Show Projector slides
Produced by Kenner, 1974
Writer: Unknown
Artist: Unknown


The clan must escape from an erupting volcano.


Watch the video slide show available on the Give-A-Show blog page


Didja Know?


These strips came inside the box for the Give-A Show projector, a cheapo children's toy from the '70s that uses a flashlight bulb to project premade filmstrips onto the wall. The box in which it came loudly proclaims "Featuring Valley of the Dinosaurs" with a little cartoon of Gorok and John Butler observing an erupting volcano.


The filmstrip does not have a title. I chose to use the title given by Jon Knutson on his Give-A-Show blog page.


Didja Notice?


In the second frame, a very spindly and bat-like Pteranodon is seen flying in the background.


In the fourth frame, someone in a dark blue shirt is running past. I guess it's supposed to be Greg; maybe one of his spare shirts survived the family's entrance into the valley in "Arrival", because the shirt he's always seen wearing in other stories is maroon-ish.


In the seventh frame, the lava seeping over the cone of the volcano is blue (later, as it flows over the ground, the lava is red)! I guess if the 1990's Land of the Lost episode "Kevin vs. the Volcano" can have green lava, we can forgive Valley of the Dinosaurs for having some blue!


During the course of the filmstrip, our heroes seem to escape quite a ways down the river away from the erupting volcano. Yet, the river is still described as boiling away around them due to the lava entering it!


In frame 13, John and Gorok have seemingly magically whipped up a pulley within moments to pull their clan up into the tree, out of danger!


In frame 14, notice that the silhouettes of Digger and Glump are depicted sitting in the tree branches along with the humans. 


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