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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Return of the Exile "Return of the Exile"
Valley of the Dinosaurs #5 (Charlton)
Art and story: Fred Himes


A former trouble-maker in the tribe returns.


Story Summary


A cave-dweller formerly defeated by Gorok and exiled by the elders of the village returns and exerts command over the villagers. With Gorok and John gone on a visit to the river people, Lok takes it upon himself to challenge the exile to a Duel of Honor.


In the jungle, the dueling duo are accosted by an Allosaurus. Lok saves the exile's life and the man remembers what it was like to have friends and leaves the village in peace.




Didja Notice?


The exile Kungar is seen to wear the skin of a saber-tooth cat and to have made a pet of a living pterosaur he refers to as Ugly One. The species of pterosaur is difficult to determine; it is not a Pteranodon due to the lack of a cranial crest and not a Rhamphorhynchus due to the lack of a tail. Kungar also carries a large horn or tusk slung across his back; it is probably the hollowed tusk of a Mastodon.


The sauropods in the background of page 1, panel 1 are likely brontosaurs.


On page 4, Gara's necklace is white instead of blue and her eyes are orange-ish instead of their normal blue.


Page 4 reveals that Gorok once fought the Duel of Honor with Kungar, winning, and leading to the elders exiling Kungar from the tribe. In this story, Gorok's son, Lok, challenges Kungar to another Duel of Honor when the exile forces his leadership upon the village.


Page 5 reveals that Gorok and John are away on a visit to the river people. The river people previously appeared in "The Jade Skull".


Amusingly, Digger is apparently thinking dog swear words in panel 2 of page 5!

dog cursing


An unidentified species of pterosaur swoops through the trees on page 7, panel 2.


The alternating plate arrangement on the backs of the dinosaurs on page 7, panel 3 suggest they are Stegosaurus.


Page 8 states that John has taught Lok how to fight with his fists.


For some reason, both the "narrator" and Kungar refer to the Allosaurus that attacks Kungar and Lok in the jungle as a "leaping lizard". "Allosaurus" is Greek for "different lizard", so-named for the different vertebrae formation in this genus from other dinosaurs known at the time it was discovered in 1877.


In a rather obnoxious ending, the Ugly One seems to have fallen in love with Digger while Glump giggles in glee.

interspecies love


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