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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Saber-Tooth Kids Valley of the Dinosaurs
"Saber-Tooth Kids"

TV episode
Written by: Unknown
Directed by: Charles A. Nichols


An accident causes Glump to get lost and the kids go in search of him.


Didja Know?


The writers of each TV episode are not specifically revealed, but the end credits of every episode listed the series writers as: Peter Dixon, Peter Germano, James Henderson, Ernie Kahn, Ben Masselink, Dick Robbins, Henry Sharp, and Jerry Thomas.


Didja Notice?


The bird seen at 1:12 on the DVD is probably Archaeopteryx judging by the large frond-tail.


At the beginning of the episode, it looks as if the Butlers and cave-dwellers are harvesting pomegranates, supported by Tana's comment that Kim has said they are high in vitamin C (though it seems unlikely Tana would know the term "vitamin C"!).


The small bipedal dinosaurs seen at 2:27 on the DVD may be Compsognathus. Also seen are a Dimetrodon, a protoceratopsid, and a carnosaur that appears to be the same species as the "Tyrannosaurus" called Konga by Gorok in "What Goes Up" (Gorok refers to the species as "zondi" in this episode).


Using a fruit as a ball, Greg tells Tana he's going to throw Glump a Sandy Kofax curve. Kofax was a pitcher for the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers major league baseball team from 1955-1966.


Gorok refers to the leader of the pack of zondi as Skarak. The pack is from the Valley of the Smoking Water, which is shown to be a bed of steam geysers.


The pterosaurs seen at 5:52 on the DVD appear to have some rudimentary feathers on parts of their bodies. It's body doesn't quite match to any pterosaur species I can identify.

unknown pterosaurs


Some wolf-like predators are seen at 6:47 on the DVD. These may be the prehistoric dire wolf, which existed on the South American continent during the Pleistocene epoch, whereas the modern wolf is not found there.


At 8:06 on the DVD, a couple of the zondi are seen snacking on some leaves, despite being carnivores. It may be that they eat these types of leaves for their medicinal properties, like a dog eating grass.


After climbing down into the cave with Tana, Greg says it makes him feel like Tom Sawyer with Becky Thatcher, lost in Injun Joe's cave. This is a reference to Mark Twain's 1876 novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, part of which involves Tom and his girlfriend, Becky Thatcher, getting lost in a cave used by the criminal Injun Joe as a hideout. Besides the similarity to the novel, it's possible Greg's line here indicates an unspoken affection for Tana beyond just friendship.


At 11:44 on the DVD, Kim and Gara share a nice bonding moment when they both recognize a common trait among the men of their respective civilizations.


Gorok describes the Dimetrodon as a fish eater, which is largely believed to be true of the species, but also eating small reptiles, amphibians, and mammals.


The birds seen at 12:06 and 12:53 on the DVD appear to be modern birds, rather than Archaeopteryx or another prehistoric forebear of birds.


At 12:36 on the DVD, Kim is astonished by a dog-sized mouse living in the jungle. I am not aware of any mouse species capable of reaching that size, even of the prehistoric variety (though a few species of prehistoric rat are close to small dog size).


The large birds seen at 13:14 on the DVD appear to be vultures, perhaps the Andean condor, though it would be a bit out of its accepted range of habitat in the Amazon.


Greg remarks that the Valley of the Smoking Water looks like Yellowstone Park. Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming has a number of geothermal geyser basins.


For some reason, Glump is depicted with fangs in his mouth at 16:37 on the DVD!

Glump with fangs


It seems unlikely that the Butlers' makeshift steam hose would work without something to stop up the geyser around the hose at the base.


John suggests that his family might be able to build a geothermal electrical generator in the Valley of the Smoking Water to contact the outside world (Gorok remarks that the zondi probably would not like it). In the later episode "S.O.S.", the Butlers do build a wind-powered generator in order to use their damaged radio equipment from the raft to contact a jet plane that has begun to fly a daily route over the Valley of the Dinosaurs.


Memorable Dialog 


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