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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Blind Ones "The Blind Ones"
Valley of the Dinosaurs #1 (Charlton)
Writer and artist unknown (but story and art, including covers, for the series were by Fred Himes, according to Toons of Festology).


Katie, Digger, and Glump run into trouble after seeking shelter in a cave from a sudden jungle downpour.


Story Summary


Katie, accompanied by Digger and Glump, has wandered into the jungle, entranced by its beauty. A sudden downpour of rain finds them taking refuge in a cave. But a Triceratops soon also seeks shelter there, so the three proceed further into the tunnel to escape the unwelcome guest. There, they come across an underground stream, from which emerges a gigantic leech-like creature and they find themselves trapped between the leech and the Triceratops.


But Lok has come searching for Katie and he uses a spear to vault over the Triceratops to join the endangered trio. He then points out that neither creature has very good vision, attracted only by movement. They remain still while the two creatures are attracted by each other's movement and attack each other. This gives our heroes time to run out another hole of the cave, exiting out over a river. Katie asks why nature's creatures can't ever get along, but Lok points out the friendship between Digger and Glump, saying, "Sometimes they do!"




Didja Know?


"The Blind Ones" is a 6-page story from Charlton's Valley of the Dinosaurs #1.


Didja Notice?


On page 1 of the story, the downpour experienced by Katie and the pets is described as a "thundering fall of prehistoric rain". But, while the valley may be considered prehistoric due to its denizens, rain is rain, isn't it? Even in the Amazon rainforest.


On page 1, panel 1, Glump is actually vocalizing a repetitive GLUMP noise as he runs. I suppose that's why he's named Glump, though his sounds don't really resemble the word in the TV episodes.


The dinosaur who enters the cave for shelter on page 2 of the story appears to be a species of Triceratops and is identified as such on page 4.


How are Katie and Lok able to see after travelling deep inside the cave without their own source of light?


On page 5, Lok states that a Triceratops has poor vision and cannot distinguish figures, only movement. I've been unable to confirm any actual scientific speculation along these lines, but the statement is similar to that of Dr. Grant in the later 1993 film Jurassic Park that the tyrannosaur's vision is based on movement.


Katie and Lok encounter a creature in the cave that looks something like a gigantic leech (the size of a Triceratops) with feeler-like tentacles on its head. The narrative refers to it as a "prehistoric monster", but there is no evidence such a creature has ever existed.


The pterosaur seen in the sky in panel 2 of page 6 of the story may be a Pteranodon.


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