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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: The Cave of Death "The Cave of Death"
Valley of the Dinosaurs #8 (Charlton)
Writer: Unknown
June 1976


Greg and Digger go missing near the dark and ominous Cave of Death.


Story Summary


As soon as Greg learns that a nearby cave is forbidden and deadly, he decides to go exploring inside it. When he and Digger are noticed as missing, Lok and Katie go in search of them and Katie wisely surmises exactly where Greg went. They find the boy and his dog inside the cave, being menaced by a monstrous blind, white lizard. Katie distracts the lizard while Lok drags Greg and Digger away, then Katie flees with them. All's well that ends well.




Didja Know?


"The Cave of Death" is a 1-page text story appearing in Valley of the Dinosaurs #8.


Didja Notice?


The narrative refers to the Cave of Death as "eerie, ominous and spooky". These words are all synonyms of each other!


Katie and Lok are forced to go deeper into the cave in search of Greg and Digger, "mile after endless mile". That's pretty deep to go into a cave in a short time! Wouldn't even an adventurous boy like Greg have turned back before going so far in when no one knew where he was? 


Unanswered Questions


How was Greg able to see anything so deep inside the cave? And the same of Lok and Katie? There is no mention of them having a torch.


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