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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

The Shining Dream "The Shining Dream"
Valley of the Dinosaurs #6 (Charlton)
Art and story: Unknown (possibly Fred Himes)


A tornado propels Lok to a wonderful, shining realm.


Story Summary


Greg and Lok climb a cliffside to observe some baby pterodactyls. But a tornado suddenly strikes. Greg manages to find shelter deep under a ledge, but Lok is sucked up by the vortex winds. He loses consciousness and dreams of flying through the air over the civilized world of the Butlers, seeing a plane fly by and ships on the river below. Then he is cast down to the river and all goes black when he hits the water.


Soon, Greg awakens him and he tells of the dream, being just the way John Butler had described the modern world. Lok thinks it was wonderful.




Didja Know?


"The Shining Dream" is a two-page text story appearing in Valley of the Dinosaurs #6.


Didja Notice?


The volcano referred to as the Angry Mountain in this story must be the same one seen in "Fight the Angry Mountain" and possibly the same one seen, but not named in "The Volcano" and "Creatures".


John states that winds of more than 500 miles per hour could exist inside the cone of the tornado. At the time this story was written, this was believed to be true, but since the late 1970s meteorologists have revised their estimates of wind strength down to about 250 mph maximum. 


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