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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Top Cave, Please Valley of the Dinosaurs
"Top Cave, Please"

TV episode
Written by: Unknown
Directed by: Charles A. Nichols


Lok is blamed when the village's mascot and bringer-of-luck stegosaur escapes its captivity.


Didja Know?


The writers of each TV episode are not specifically revealed, but the end credits of every episode listed the series writers as: Peter Dixon, Peter Germano, James Henderson, Ernie Kahn, Ben Masselink, Dick Robbins, Henry Sharp, and Jerry Thomas.


Didja Notice?


At the beginning of the episode, Digger and Glump play tug-of-war with a piece of meat that is supposed to be Greg's meal. But why would Glump, an herbivorous dinosaur, be interested in the meat?!


The episode reveals that the villagers keep a mascot of sorts that brings good luck on the hunt, a stegosaur named Rokar. Kim refers to the beast as a Stegosaurus, but Stegosaurus had alternating rows of plates, not parallel as seen here, so it must be some other genus of stegosaur.



Throughout the scene from 1:58-2:23 on the DVD, Gara's eyes repeatedly change from blue to brown and back again.


At 4:04 on the DVD, Katie's pants, normally blue, are a tan color!


The dinosaur seen at 5:13 on the DVD appears to be some kind of duck-bill.


In "After Shock", Katie told Lok she wasn't much of a vine-swinger. I guess she decided to learn, because she seems to do pretty well here.


At 5:39 on the DVD, notice that Gorok's and Gara's legs are chopped off near the bottom of the screen. You can see the cave background under their torsos instead of their legs.

Missing legs


The pterosaur seen at 6:39 on the DVD is a Pteranodon.


The large theropod seen at 6:43 on the DVD has three-clawed forelimbs, possibly an allosaur.


After Rokar is set free, Katie states she's going back to the scene of the crime and Greg asks if she's going to do some detective work, to which she replies, "Right on, Watson." She is referring to her brother as Dr. Watson, the assistant of the great fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes.


The large bird that attacks Lok at 8:18 on the DVD looks more-or-less like a modern eagle.


The creatures seen at 10:58 on the DVD appear to be fairly normal armadillos.


Some very small theropods are seen irritating Rokar at 11:16 on the DVD. They do not have the appearance of the small coelophysid theropods such as Compsognathus and Procompsognathus, so these may actually be baby specimens of Allosauridae or similar large theropod. Gara refers to them as tarcos.


The lizards seen at 12:41 on the DVD appear similar to an iguana and a horny toad, though I am not aware of either being native to South America. They were probably included by the animators for their dinosaurian looks.


There are no bears native to South America, so the one that menaces the men at the Cave of the Winds must be a prehistoric one. It is difficult to identify the species, but does not appear to be the so-called "cave bear" Ursus spelaeus due to the low forehead and non-domed skull.


The throwing sound effect as Gorok throws the cooked meat towards the bear occurs slightly before he actually makes the throw. 


The cacti seen at 15:24 on the DVD look similar to the saguaro cactus, but also look rather odd, appearing to have segmentation on the branches and strange, box-like structures near the top. Possibly an "undiscovered" prehistoric cactus! (The same cacti are also seen in "Fire!" at 8:56 in that episode.) Strange cacti


Katie dives into the lagoon to retrieve the tool part discarded by Bork and finds it sitting inside a giant clam with a shell wider than her own height, making it probably 6-7 feet in width. The largest known modern day giant clam was only 4.5 feet, so this one is probably a prehistoric one, like many other creatures in the valley. None are known to have lived in South America. Giant clams are not known to be capable of snapping their shells shut so rapidly as seen here.


The fact that Katie was sent down to search for the submerged tool part may attest to her skill as a champion swimmer, as revealed in "The Challenge of Mata-Zin".


Some kind of eel swims around Katie as she is heading back to the surface of the lake. There are no true eels known in South America (electric eels are found there, but these are not true eels). The one seen here may be a prehistoric species.


It seems unlikely that a single lightning bolt could bring down a tree the size of the one outside the Cave of the Winds as it does here to complicate Lok's rescue.


In the cave, Lok is menaced by a giant spider, much as Katie is in "Katie's Challenge", but this one is smaller. Still, even this large of a spider (about man-size) is unknown in either prehistoric or modern times. 


Unanswered Questions


Why is Gorok so intent on freeing Lok from the Cave of the Winds? He was only to be held there until sundown the next day as it was. Did he know there was a giant spider inside? Did he intend to free Lok and then have him flee to avoid judgment? Since the village council had already declared he would be exiled if not proven innocent, it doesn't make much difference whether he leaves now or the next day. 


Memorable Dialog 


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