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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr

Valley of the Dinosaurs: Trapped by a Tyrannosaurus Valley of the Dinosaurs
"Trapped by a Tyrannosaurus"

Valley of the Dinosaurs #11 (Charlton)
Art and Story: Unknown
December 1976


What better way to escape a Tyrannosaurus rex than to get it to fight with an Allosaurus?


Read the complete story by clicking on the image below:

Trapped by a Tyrannosaurus


Didja Know?


"Trapped by a Tyrannosaurus" is a one-page text story that appeared in Valley of the Dinosaurs #11.


Didja Notice?


In "Welcome to Death Island", Katie was seen picking giant strawberries, à la Land of the Lost. Here, Kim picks blueberries the size of baseballs.


As Katie and Lok set to go off along the river to search for other fruit, Gara warns them about Fangar, who prowls the area, matched only by Tanga. Lok explains that Tanga is what John refers to as an Allosaurus and Katie deduces that Fangar must be a Tyrannosaurus rex. Fangar is the Tyrannosaurus referred to in the title of the story.


Possibly the fight between the T. rex and the Allosaurus here was inspired by the quarrels that took place in a couple of Land of the Lost episodes between Grumpy and Big Alice!


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